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**COVER REVEAL** Whisper by Heather Hildenbrand

 by Heather Hildenbrand
New Adult, Paranormal Fantasy

The Cherokee believe when a person dies, their soul is reborn. Life is repeated. An endless cycle of lessons to be learned, love to be found, destiny to be fulfilled. For the past six months, in every flower, every bird, I’ve imagined my parents, relieved of their human forms. 
Now, after five months at the Skye View Wellness Center, it was summer. A time for parties and friends, but that’s the last thing I want to do. So when my best friend Erin convinces me to attend a bonfire at Eagle Point, I can’t handle the crowd full of sympathetic stares or drunken class clowns who would use my tragedy as a way into my heart – or my pants. The solitude of the woods offers an escape, until I stumble upon a boy, unconscious and bleeding, his pockets stuffed not with identification but with poetry illustrating the beauty of dying. I’ve seen enough death. I will not leave this boy’s side. 
Even after he wakes, when the only thing he can remember are visions of events that haven’t happened yet…


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About the Author

Author of Across the Galaxy, Whisper, and the Dirty Blood series. I write, read, and fuss at my kids. Oh, and I do laundry, lots of laundry. I’m pretty good at it, too. Sometimes I even read WHILE doing laundry – and fussing at my kids. I’m a multi-tasker. 

For more information on my books, release dates, or just general stalker material, um, I mean FAN material, visit my website. I love hearing from readers! 

Likes and dislikes? I love vintage tees, hate socks with sandals, and if my house was on fire the one thing I’d grab is my Amazon Fire TV! (oh yeah, I’m a fan of puns.)

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**BOOK BLAST** Knight Avenged by Coreene Callahan


(Circe of Seven, #2)
Released July 15
Alone in a world on the brink of war…two unlikely allies will discover a love greater than time.
Exiled from her home, powerful oracle Cosmina Cordei holds the key to uniting those protecting mankind from evil. But just as she makes her way into the holy city to perform an ancient rite, the enemy closes in for the kill.
Drawn by a destiny he won’t accept…elite assassin, Henrik Lazar, detests the mystical curse handed down by his mother. But when the sorcery in his blood is activated and past pain comes back to haunt him, his new abilities come into play and he must learn to control them.
Rescued by Henrik in the heat of battle, Cosmina must decide whether to trust the assassin who loathes the goddess she serves or face certain death on her own. Forced into an untenable position, Henrik is left with a terrible choice—protect the magical Order he despises, or deny destiny and lose the woman he loves forever.
So pick up your copy today. And if you haven’t had a chance, grab the first book in the series, Knight Awakened, too and settle in for a wild, magic-filled ride.
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Mastered: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender Box Set Blog Tour!


MASTERED: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender
Contributing Authors: Opal Carew, Portia Da Costa, Madelynne Ellis, Marie Harte, Joey Hill,
T.J. Michaels, Kate Pearce, Carrie Ann Ryan, Sasha White, Emily Ryan-Davis and Jennifer Leeland
ISBN-13: 9781928115014
Publisher: Uncommonly Romantic Books
Publication Date: 7/21/2014
Print Length: 750 pages


Three Secrets
by New York Times and USA Today bestseller Opal Carew

Sharing secrets has never been so exhilarating...

Nicole and Abel met in Paris and fell in love, but Nicole believes her secret lifestyle will drive Abel away. After the vacation ends, she decides to take a chance and share her secret, but little does she know he has a secret of his own.

His Secret
by International and UK Sunday Times bestseller Portia Da Costa
Quiet storm…
Ben Chambers is the perfect handsome boyfriend. Sarah adores him, yet despite their delicious lovemaking and the fun they share, she senses he has a secret. But then, during a luxury weekend away, one casual pat to her bottom transforms everything, revealing Ben’s thrilling hidden dominance, and a world of decadent pleasure and deeper love.

 by Multi-Award-Winner Madelynne Ellis
A bad experience with a former girlfriend caused Spook Mortensen to repress his sexual urges, but when sound engineer Allegra Hutton is called upon to remaster Black Halo's first album, there's only so much attitude and stubborn refusal to listen to the bands' wishes he can take before he's forced to break his self-imposed vow and take her in hand.


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Review- Satisfaction by K.M Golland

Title- Satisfaction
Author- K.M Golland
Genre- Adult Fiction
Publication Date- 1st of July 2014
Publisher- Harlequin MIRA

Review copy provided by publisher.

Blurb- ‘I have this one week to prove to her that we belong together, and I’m not going to waste another second of it.

Now that I have her, I am never letting her go.’

Alexis Summers is no stranger to facing challenges. She has had her fair share of them since falling for handsome billionaire Bryce Clark. Just to make it even more complicated, Bryce is her boss.

He is also a man who gets what he wants - and what he wants is Alexis.

The problem is, Alexis is married. But her husband Rick has confessed to a secret from his past that has set Alexis free, at least temporarily.

Alexis has finally allowed herself to give in to the temptation that is Bryce Edward Clark, but as they realise the connection they share goes far deeper than anything either of them have ever experienced, will a single week together be enough?

 5 Sassy Books!

Review- I think I am quickly forming a major girl crush on K.M Golland. She has without a doubt created some of the most entertaining reading I have ever read.

"I hesitated, but picked up my fork. It looks so pretty, I can't do it. Alexis, stab the pancakes, you stupid bitch."

Satisfaction continues on right where we left off in Temptation, with Alexis about to spend a full week with the deliciously tempting Bryce with no barriers and nothing to hold her back. Alexis and Bryces' relationship is one to envy. The sizzling attraction and desire is loud and obvious, both of them feeling and doing things they have never done before with a third wheel aka Alexis' conscience also making an always hilarious appearance.

"I was so overwhelmed it wasn't funny. And I wanted nothing more than to bitch-slap my conscience which was currently being a sarcastic moll."  

I just love Golland's writing. Not only is she quick witted and an absolute hoot to read,

"Bryce Edward Clark, small talk, really? I am not only going to stomp on your other foot now, I am going to bite down on your tasty hot dog like I would if it were slapped in between two pieces of bread and covered in mustard and sauce."

"Why is it, that when you are desperate to be quiet, your body ignores you and instead wants to vocalise in any way it can? Right now I could probably laugh, cough, sneeze, pee and fart all at the same time."

but she also knows how to get your ovaries screaming for attention. Man does she know how to write a toe curling hot and heavy scene.

Satisfaction all in all has a storyline that consumes and flows without a hitch. It has the depth and emotion that makes an amazing romance, tantalizing sex scenes that make the perfect adult fiction, laugh until your cheeks hurt comedy as well as twists and turns that you won't see coming.

Satisfaction is available to purchase in all good book stockists around Australia. 
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The Letter Blog Tour!



The Letter
(Calendar Men: Mr. July)
by Mina Carter
BOOK GENRE: Contemporary romance
PUBLISHER: Decadent Publishing
Sergeant Rick Week’s career ended in a hail of bullets and the death of a friend. After months of recuperation, he’s finally able to fulfill a promise he made to that friend. All he has to do is find a girl and deliver a letter. Simple. Maybe…
Hattie Jameson lost the man she loved. KIA. A year and a half later, she’s trying to move on but a letter for a charity calendar shoot addressed to her late fiance, Billy, rocks her. Not as much as the sexy as hell Scottish soldier who turns up on her doorstep. The man who was with Billy when he died. She shouldn’t find him attractive. Not at all…
Meanwhile fate, and Billy himself, have plans to bring the reluctant lovers together.


Check out the other books in the Calendar Men Series:


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**BOOK BLITZ** Checked by Jennifer Jamelli

(Checked, #1)
by Jennifer Jamelli
Publication date: December 17th 2013
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance
Checked is the first book in a new trilogy.

Callie spends countless hours staring at appliances to make sure they are really unplugged. She wastes obscene amounts of time checking for murderers in various corners of her house and entire sleepless nights performing pointless checking rituals. Then every spare minute is filled with inspecting doorknobs, chairs, floors, etc. for minuscule traces of germs. Oh, and she does all of this as she counts to three over and over again in her head. She does this every day. Without fail. Dr. Blake just doesn’t fit into her schedule. Until he does. Until Callie begins to trust him. Until she starts to need him. And want him. And . . .



**COVER REVEAL** Loving Rowan by Ariadne Wayne

Loving Rowan
by Ariadne Wayne
Publication date: August 18th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Rowan, Andrew, and Charlie were the best of friends for as long as they all could remember. Rowan adores Charlie because she’s another girl with a boys’ name. She’s in love with Andrew, and sure that one day they’ll live happily ever after. But when Andrew and Charlie break her heart, the painfully shy and socially awkward Rowan struggles to form new relationships.

Befriending Kyle, the son of her boss, she quickly slots him into the best friend role vacated by Andrew, assuming that is what he wants. Kyle has other ideas about the direction of their relationship, but when Andrew’s life takes an unexpected twist, he isn’t ready to let go of the girl who grew up idolising him. And he’s prepared to do anything to keep her.




Ariadne Wayne loves books and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and two children. Having always had a prolific imagination she now writes the words down instead of storing them in her head where she can't share them.

When she's not writing she works in Telecommunications, frequently banging her head on the desk with the random things that can happen to the ordinary phone line.

Ariadne can be contacted via her Website
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Twitter @AriadneWayne

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